What’s the plan?

26 Sep 19

I like a plan. I think it harks back to when I was working as a solicitor and I had constant deadlines that I needed to meet. The skillset has never left me and the desire to be clear about looking ahead and working out what needs to be done to get to my goals is just in me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into detailed plans that you must live and breath by. That’s way too restrictive and as we all know that life has a habit of throwing curve balls at us even when we have a plan in place. So the plans I’m talking about are of the big picture type, nice and loose fitting with the flexibility to be moulded into something else, if needs be.

Plans like these can act like an anchor, especially when we are lost and going around in circles, not knowing what to do next. They also help keep us on track at times when we just can’t remember why we agreed to do something or take on extra commitments. If you know why you’re doing something, usually for the greater good, referring back to the plan can help keep everything in check.

A big part of my aims for my coaching business is to help women feel like they can always be in control of their career, even at times when it feels like they have to be focusing on something else. Having a family can be a major career staller, and in some cases it may be that the plan is to keep everything ticking along at work until things get easier at home. An even better plan, however, would be to have some sort of idea about what comes next. Just knowing this can allow you to think about lateral moves at work, gaining additional training, keeping business networks alive or just giving you peace of mind, knowing that you will be ready to change things as and when you are able to.

So, if you’re stuck or feel like you’re getting bogged down in something you don’t want to be doing or isn’t working for you, ask yourself if it’s all part of the plan. If you responded, “what plan?” then I would recommend you take some time to make one. And if you need some help getting the plan together be sure to let me know.

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