Keeping your vision crystal clear in 2020

16 Jan 20

So we’re two weeks into the new year pretty much. How are things going for you so far? Are you keeping to the resolutions or intentions you set yourself at the end of 2019?

If you’re not, or you haven’t even started to look at them and implement them, here are a few tips to keep everything going in the right direction.

  1. Get clear on your vision

If you’re not clear on what you are aiming for then it’s always going to be a battle to get the results you are looking for. For some people setting goals really helps to motivate them but for other people just writing down a goal can feel abstract with little context to really understand what that goal might actually look or feel like when it’s been achieved. This is why I prefer to talk about your vision, because ultimately this what you want your future to look like. The bigger picture. The sights, sounds, feelings and people you want in there can encapsulate what will make you happy and what you want to achieve. It might be a visualisation of a scene which comes to you through a meditation, or a spell of day dreaming, or you may need to map it out using something like a vision board or Pinterest – whatever works for you. But making your goal into a vision can make it feel more real and get the desire to achieve it pumping.

  1. Know your why

One you have your vision it’s really important to underpin it with your Why. Your Why is the engine that drives your intentions and helps you arrive at your vision. So on the days when things start to feel difficult and you don’t want to do the thing that you know you need to do, your Why keeps you going. So, ask yourself a few questions to try and narrow it down:

 Why do I want this so much?

What will it give me?

How would it feel if I didn’t do this?

  1. Set intentions not resolutions

Rather than making concrete, rigid resolutions at the start of the new year I prefer to keep things a bit more gentle and fluid which is why I prefer to set intentions. Intentions that move you towards your bigger or specific vision, stage by stage. If you’re not fixated on getting something done by a certain date then you are less likely to put extra pressure on yourself to get there, and as a result more likely to fulfil your intention, when you are good and ready. This method also allows you to tweak along the way. When you’re looking to achieve something

  1. Work towards your vision

I’m not a fan of “smashing” your goals, and high fiving in the air every time another one gets done. Again, for me I prefer a more gentle approach so that I’m more likely to stay on track. Having a goal that you aim to complete and then move on to the next thing can take attention away from your ultimate vision. By always having the vision in mind and constantly working towards it you are keeping your vision alive. Take your intentions, and chip away at them in small manageable chunks and you are more likely to get to your vision in a happier state and without burning yourself out in the process. Once you get there you can always conjure up another one and carry on to what is next for you, when you’re ready. 

  1. Don’t set a time-line for the ultimate outcome

But do look at where you would need to have been or have achieved at certain points in time, to make sure that you are staying on track and working towards your vision. It’s also important not to attach yourself to the outcome. Try not to get wound up in what would happen if you didn’t achieve it, or if you didn’t manage it by a certain time. Remove the fear, throw it out there, and trust it will happen.

  1. Work backwards from your vision and work out what you would need to have done to get closer to it.

It’s almost like planning in reverse, by setting yourself markers. So ask yourself these questions once you have formed your vision:

Where was I at the one year mark?

Where was I at 9 months ?

What did I do at 6 months?

What did it look like at 3 months?

What steps do I need to take from now, now that I know what I need to work towards?

  1. Get specific

Plan out the detail of what you want to get done. Start at monthly and drill down to weekly and daily. Planning out what and how you are going to get your stuff done, enables you to see what else in your life needs attention and allows you set realistic time frames for when you will actually be able to complete things.

  1. Try not to burn out

When we get enthusiastic about what we want to achieve or discover a new vision of what life could look like it’s easy to get carried away and take on too much to get there. Be realistic about the time that you have and don’t forget to balance your goals and intentions with the rest of your life, especially if you have a family to look after on top of everything else. Remember to make space in your planning for things like exercise and fun stuff so that you have enough energy to tackle the big stuff.

Good Luck! 


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