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Keeping your vision crystal clear in 2020

So we’re two weeks into the new year pretty much. How are things going for you so far? Are you keeping to the resolutions or intentions you set yourself at the end of 2019? If you’re not, or you haven’t even started to look at them and implement them, here are a few tips to keep everything going in the right direction. Get clear on your vision If you’re not clear on what you are aiming for then it’s always going to be a battle to get the results you are looking for. For some people setting goals really helps to motivate them but for...

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What’s the plan?

I like a plan. I think it harks back to when I was working as a solicitor and I had constant deadlines that I needed to meet. The skillset has never left me and the desire to be clear about looking ahead and working out what needs to be done to get to my goals is just in me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into detailed plans that you must live and breath by. That’s way too restrictive and as we all know that life has a habit of throwing curve balls at us even when we have a plan in place. So the plans I’m talking about are of the big...

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