Jo Oogarah

Career and Life Vision Coach

Helping women to aim high, create a career on their terms and lead a balanced life

Women have supposedly never had it better. Fully incorporated into the working world; encouraged to strive for a fulfilling career; on an equal footing with men. We can have it all, we’re told. 

Why then are so many of us struggling? And why are so many of us leaving the workplace, never to return? Or settling for lower-paid and less well-qualified positions once we’ve had children?

I’m Jo Oogarah and I help women get hold of their career and create a career or business vision that totally aligns with themselves but without sacrificing time with their family or other life interests.

You see I believe we can choose how we want our lives to look, if we get clear enough and take the steps to get there. And for me, getting control of your life and being the woman you were meant to be starts with your career.

Our careers are so much more than working to pay the bills. They fulfil us, give us purpose and allow us to contribute in a bigger way in the world.

Careers also look a bit different to how they used to. You no longer have to trudge off to the office, work for a company or stay in the same career you’ve always done, if you don’t want to. You can create your own role or business and really play to your strengths, wants and needs. That also includes crafting a career that fits in with your life so you can stay balanced and happy in all areas of your life.

As a qualified careers coach (PGDip, Reading University) and Certified One of Many Women’s Coach I offer women a unique combination of strategic careers coaching, consulting, training and life management tools designed specifically for them.

Working with me will make you feel more empowered to make manageable changes that will impact your life in a bigger way to become the woman you know you truly are.

I thought I was capable of managing everything – work, house, projects, family – and trying to run my business, but after so much burnout I started to get frustrated. I was so happy to meet Jo and join her coaching programme. It really gave me focus, confidence and overall strength in areas where I thought I was weak, such as my business. I cannot thank Jo enough, the way she managed to shift things around for me and made me realise I have much more potential than I thought. It also made me understand that to thrive in every aspect of our lives we need to rest, to slow down, and to plan – something I had been missing all these years. So, if you are running everywhere and trying to manage many things at the same time and you feel like nothing is enough, you probably would really benefit from working with Jo.

Yanina Ferrandi

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