Corporate go-getter!

You thrive in the structured environment of a corporate or other formal employer. 

And when you do your job you want to do it well and succeed at a high level.


About you

There’s nothing you love more than having the space and time to focus in on your chosen job or profession and giving it all you’ve got.

You know you’ve got a lot to give and you’re willing to put the effort in when you’re in the right role.

Your big challenge?

Because of your desire to give a lot at work you can sometimes over stretch yourself which can cause problems with your work-life balance and having the time and energy for your family. You may also find it difficult to feel so committed if you work for an organisation where you don’t feel valued.

Carry on reading to learn how to get the best out of your working style…


1. Find an organisation that matches your values. You may find yourself in conflict if you give a lot to an organisation that don’t truly believe in of feel aligned with. Realising that you could utilise your skillset in an organisation that is more closely tied to your own personal values can stop the feeling of disconnect and disatisfaction.

2. Set clear goals for yourself. Set your own goals so that you know where you want to be headed and then communicate them with your manager so that you are both clear about your ambitions. Understanding what is required of you to get to where you want to go will help you to work out areas of development or highlight when you may have progressed as far as you can with a role or organisation.

3. Put boundaries in around work and home. Don’t overgive at work and re-charge and replenish at home so that you have the energy you need to get fully involved in your personal and family life



I have 15 years experience as a Career Coach (PG Dip Reading University) and I am also a Certified “One of Many” Women’s Coach.

I am on a mission to help ambitious, working women find work that lights them up and works around the rest of their life.

Now, more than ever, it’s all to play for and it’s up to us to start moving the goal posts to get what we truly want.

You only get one life.

Build a career on your terms and start getting happier in all of your life today.

If you’d like to learn about how I could help you find a career that you truly love, then book a free discovery call here to find out more.

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