Finding your power in uncertain times

There’s never been a greater need for women to step into their power.

We need to be resiliant, able and strong both physically and emotionally to deal with what’s ahead, even when we don’t quite know what that looks like yet…

Join me for my “Finding your power in uncertain times” webinar as we look at how to tap into our own, soft power.

The subject of power can be a tricky one for women to tackle. Often there are connations of force or physical strength that we often just don’t relate to very well. But if we go from the starting point that power merely means ability then things become a lot easier to digest. 

Join me on Monday 23rd March at 8pm to discover how you can access your own power as a woman and deal with whatever comes your way from a strong base and a knowledge that you can draw on your tool-kit when you need it. 

We all need to step into our power, more than ever. We as women have amazing resilience, wisdom and the ability to get stuck in. Let’s use all of those brilliant attributes now in a way that keeps us and others supported and most importantly, ourselves still standing. 

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About me:

I am an experienced and fully qualified (PGDIP Reading University) careers coach and Certified Women’s Coach and I am on a mission to help working women not only find a better quality of life both at work and home but to also excel and succeed in their chosen careers or businesses. I work with ambitious and capable women who want to be the best versions of themselves.

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