You’ve studied hard and achieved great things; you’re a talented, ambitious woman.

You still have the desire to do great things at work but you also love being around for your family and value a balanced life. 

Do you want more out of your career but feel constrained by family pressures or other limitations from your personal life? Do you know you could give more or find a career that’s more fulfilling but are scared you might rock the boat?

What if you could have a career on your terms, that fulfils your career ambitions and allows you stay balanced at home?

As a Career and Life Vision Coach, I’m all about you putting what you want on the table and then taking the steps to make it happen. My methods can have you daring to consider, making change and claiming your unique space, but always in a practical way that keeps your life in balance.

I bring my years of experience as a Career Coach and my own varied career path to the table to help you build your own career, on your terms.

What do you want it to look like? Let me help you shape your fulfilling and successful future.

One-to-one coaching and consulting

Not sure if coaching is for you? Have a 15 minute, free discovery call with me to work out what you need and if working with me is right for you.

Career Clarity Session

A 1 hour session to really drill down and get clear about what’s going on for you.

Often when we look at what’s driving dissatisfaction or desire for change there are wider issues which can affect our wellbeing or ambitions.

By the end of the session you will be clear as to what is driving the desire to make the change or what’s needed to fix the problem and we can then look at next steps and suitable programmes to help deal more fully with the issues if needed.

These sessions are delivered online via Zoom.

Investment: £149

I did a one-off session with Jo at a point in my life where I had become totally stuck. After becoming a single mum it became really difficult to work in the career I had worked in for ten years so I left it, but I didn’t know what else I could (or wanted) do. In just that one session Jo helped me to realise that I have years of experience and skills I can use in any number of careers. She also got me to say my dream career out loud – which made me cry! I just feel a bit less stressed about it all now and have a better idea of the direction I’m heading in. It is hard work bringing up a child and bringing in money at the same time, so I’m setting realistic goals and aiming high. I’m really grateful for the work she did with me.

Nathalie Thomas 

Career Focus Programme

A 4 session programme for women who are ready to make a career change or transition to  a more fulfilling career that works around the rest of their life.

Session 1 –  1 hour 30 mins – Client History

This session goes through career history and digs deep to discover any issues that may need particular focus in the following sessions.

Session 2 – 1 hour – Values

We look at your career values which underpin your motivations, beliefs and vision for a fulfilling career.

Session 3 – Skills, preferences, and choices

We discuss possible options, based on likes, preferences, skills and practicalities.

Session 4 – Career Planning

We pull together a plan of action so that you are clear about where you are headed, how to get there and next steps.

These sessions are delivered 1:1 online via Zoom.

Investment: £495*

*Instalment plans available

I saw Jo when I was looking to make a major career change earlier this year and she was brilliant at helping me prioritise and then put a plan in place. I’m happy to say that I’ve now successfully moved into that career, thanks Jo!

Holly Gould

Find Your Power To Thrive

A 6 session programme designed specifically for working women using a combination of my own specialist coaching tools plus additions from the One of Many™ toolkit.

This transformational programme is for women who want to get better results in their day to day so that they show up more powerfully both at home and at work and continue to thrive.

This one to one programme is tailored to your individual needs and focus, to enable you to perform more effectively in the areas of your life that matter most to you.

It’s particularly good for any woman wanting to maintain a better work-life balance, or get better results in the workplace to enable career progression.

In this programme we will look at:

*Understanding how you as a women can benefit from a feminine power approach both at home and at work by operating in a way that feels right to you.

*Tapping into your own unique personal power profile so that you can get clear about where you need more power to achieve more of what you want.

*Creating solid self-care foundations and practical tools to find space to breath, play and focus.

*Becoming an every day leader so that you can confidently grow into the best version of yourself and work towards your bigger future.

This programme includes a free Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile, One of Many tools and integration exercises.

These sessions are delivered 1:1 online via Zoom at a time that’s mutually convenient.

Investment: £749

*Instalment plans available

“Going to see Jo has been like a breath of fresh air to my very chaotic life. Through our sessions, she has brought so much calm and clarity and has completely changed the way I am managing the work life balance. She made me realise just how much I really do love my job and I am so grateful for that. Her advice on managing my time has also been invaluable. I really can’t recommend her enough.”

Laura Dunstone

“I am a mum of two and I have been running a business since 2011. I thought I was ok doing everything myself – looking after my children, running the household and running my business, but I was getting to the stage of feeling exhausted all the time. I completed the coaching programme with Jo and it has changed so much for me. I realise now that I don’t need to be super woman. I need to understand and prioritise my own needs and collaborate with my family and friends to get help and support. Not only do I feel more in charge and energized, but I also don’t feel guilty for asking for help or delegating more jobs to others. After my coaching with Jo, I am no longer a super woman but I am a happy, calm mum and a successful business woman. Thank you Jo!

 Jana Page 

Bespoke Sessions

I also offer one-off or bespoke programmes to help you to navigate your ongoing career journey.

This includes interview preparation, confidence building, home and work time management, and business focus and direction.

Let me know what you need to move your career and life forward by booking a discovery call and we can assess together if I am the right person to help you.

These sessions are delivered online via Zoom.

Investment: £149 per hour

After our first session and her encouraging words and support, I nailed my next interview and got a job offer. Jo sees your vision with you, she feels your struggles with you and encourages and pushes you like an absolutely amazing mentor would! 

 Dilyana Milenkova

One-to-one coaching and consulting

Not sure if coaching is for you? Have a 15 minute, free discovery call with me to work out what you need and if working with me is right for you.

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