About Jo Oogarah

I’ve had a few careers in my time. I started working life as a lawyer, dealing with famous music clients in the heart of London. But despite a glamorous client list it didn’t light me up, so I transferred my advisory skills and knowledge of the legal marketplace into working as a careers coach for aspiring law students. I absolutely loved it and stayed there for ten happy years, working my way up to manager level. Things were going great, until I had a baby … then everything changed.

Work seemed to lose interest in me. Before I had kids there had been a succession plans in place for me to climb higher and a real acknowledgement of what a great job I was doing. That all seemed to fade away when I came back from maternity leave.

I was also less interested in the job. Commuting to London, even for three days a week, seemed so difficult. I found it hard to focus as fully on my career with the normal chaos of two children under three at home, a husband working long hours and no immediate family nearby to offer daily help. I felt sad and frustrated that the job I once loved was now becoming increasingly impossible to maintain. I had to have a rethink. So I started career number three as a self-employed languages teacher, building on the skills I had as a trainer and coach, and happily, I was able to continue working for a short period, in a way that suited me and my family and kept my initial career aspirations alive.

I have now returned to what I love doing best, coaching and training, and I would love to help you work things out for you. I have a straightforward, clear yet nurturing approach that makes my clients feel at ease and listened to. I work with you to find practical solutions that are totally manageable in everyday life.

“I am a mum of two and I have been running a business since 2011. I thought I was ok doing everything myself – looking after my children, running the household and running my business, but I was getting to the stage of feeling exhausted all the time. I completed the coaching programme with Jo and it has changed so much for me. I realise now that I don’t need to be super woman. I need to understand and prioritise my own needs and collaborate with my family and friends to get help and support. Not only do I feel more in charge and energized, but I also don’t feel guilty for asking for help or delegating more jobs to others. After my coaching with Jo, I am no longer a super woman but I am a happy, calm mum and a successful business woman. Thank you Jo!

Jana Page