Level Up Your Career, Your Way

Are you feeling increasingly frustrated by the restrictions and limitations you see around you in the workplace? Do you feel like you could give so much more but others don’t seem to see it? Are you getting tired of going into meetings and coming out feeling unheard and not listened to and ultimately feeling stifled in your career?

Would you like things to be different? Feel more confident, stand taller and work in a way that feels right to you, using your talents in a more authentic way?

The corporate workspace is dominated by masculine ideals and structures which for years have worked well, especially for men. But as more women have joined the table and tried to emulate those behaviours which have worked so well for many men over the years, it is becoming clearer that for many women it doesn’t work in quite the same way.

Join me in my foundational group programme to uncover just why we as women can feel disconnected with this masculine model of working and how we can begin to understand and tap into our often forgotten feminine power to find our own authentic way of working and leadership. It’s time to truly create a level playing field by first levelling up our own personal career paths and start leading the way for change in the world.

Come and join us and be part of this awakening revolution!

How does the “Level Up Your Career, Your Way” Group Coaching Programme Work?

It’s an online live coaching course, over 6 consecutive weeks starting on Wednesday 3rd November at 7.30pm.

Before you start the course you will be asked to complete a Power Type Profile to gain a personal understanding of where you are currently at with your own use of feminine power. This will also introduce you to the 5 women’s archetypes that we will use as the basis for each session every week. Every week you will have access to a recorded video session to introduce the themes we will cover over the course of 6 weeks and will contain simple exercises to embed what you have learnt. You will then get a chance to meet live with me and the rest of the group online every week to discuss and work through what we have learnt and share in the common support of like-minded women. Each live session will last an hour and after we have finished, the next recorded video and accompanying materials will be available for the following week’s discussion.

You can access the course through a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone so you can join from pretty much anywhere. If you can’t make the live sessions at any time (although you are very much encouraged to make these a priority to get the most out of the programme) all live sessions will be recorded and you can join in the ongoing discussions in the private facebook for continued support throughout the 6 week period.

At the end of 6 weeks on this journey of discovery and support you will have a much deeper understanding of what feminine power can mean for you, learn more about your own personal power blocks and have access to amazing tools created specifically for women to enable you to grow into the leader you want to be in your own life, have greater impact and get better results in the workplace.

Who is it for?

This programme is for career-focused women who want to make positive change in their career to progress, achieve more and make an impact. It’s for women who are looking to take their career to the next level, through promotion, a new role or by rethinking how they show up in their current role to progress more easily.

What others have said about working with Jo in Group Coaching Programmes

Working in a group isn’t a second best option. It has powerful benefits that you just don’t get from doing one to one work. Read the comments below to get an idea of what some of the women who have been involved in some of my other group programmes have achieved working alongside other women.

“I feel so supported and inspired by you all. Lots learnt and lots to think about, so much of what was said really resonated. Just hearing all your thoughts and experiences makes me feel less overwhelmed and panicky…It’s such a privilege to be on this journey with you all and to hear your experiences and opinions – it helps me to think outside of myself and in different ways.

Nathalie T
Creative Director and Writer

“It gave me the confidence to trust my instincts. Knowing that you are not the only person having trouble to decide on what to do and also knowing that there are many tools to make decison making easier was very important”

Rosa G
Business Owner

What’s included?

  • PowerType Profile Questionnaire and follow up report
  • 6 x pre-recorded information videos
  • 6 x  1 hour live coaching calls via Zoom (recorded)
  • Follow up integration exercises (always with the aim of being manageable around a busy life)
  • Private Pop-up Facebook for discussion and continued support throughout the programme
  • Coaching tools and resources designed specifically for women 

What results can I expect:


  • An awareness of how you can tap into your feminine power to bring greater balance into your workplace
  • An understanding of the wider world of work
  • An ability to develop your own personal power and understand how you can take the steps to progress at your own pace
  • Greater confidence in your abilities and skills
  • Clarity on where you are headed in your career

How much does it cost?


The cost of the programme is £450. Doors close at Midnight on Friday 29th October 2021.

What will we cover?


Week 1

What is feminine and masculine power and how can we tap into it.

As an introduction we will look at the concepts of power. We will look at the current masculine landscape of the world of work and then explain feminine power using archetypes to get a better understanding of how feminine power can work within us all. We will also look at disempowering archetypes and become more aware of how we are currently showing up in the workplace.

Week 2

Forming powerful foundations 

Form solid, unshakeable foundations to support your biggest challenges. In this module we recognise that self-care comes first and we will look at the importance of meeting our own needs, gaining support from others and building easy organisational systems to keep us on track.

Week 3 

Setting clear and effective boundaries

Understand the importance of keeping hold of your boundaries in order to get to your bigger vision. Get comfortable with saying no and learn how to set clear boundaries.

Week 4

Know your value

Understand more about what makes you valuable. Looking at your skills and your personal power becomes easier by having a deeper understanding of your values. 

Week 5

Raise your voice and communicate powerfully 

Learn how to have powerful conversations and find your true voice to create impact. Discover how to communicate effectively with the masculine, use and create networks effectively and connect with others more powerfully.

Week 6 

Creating your career vision

Understanding where you’re headed in your career and why is so important for keeping us feeling aligned and working with purpose. By creating our own personal career vision we can ground ourselves in having a clear direction and taking steps along the way to get there.

How do I sign up?


If you’re ready to take the next step and level up your career act now and take advantage of the early bird discount of just £375 and start making the impact in your career that you know you’re capable of today. Click the “Come join us” button below to start making it happen.


About me:


My name is Jo Oogarah and I am a specialist women’s Career Empowerment Coach. I am a qualified lawyer and career coach (PGDip Careers Guidance, Reading University), having worked for 15 years as an employed career coach with the University of Law. I am also a certified women’s coach with One of Many (www.oneofmany.co.uk), an organisation that specialises in empowering women leaders and enabling them to thrive in all areas of their lives.


I am passionate about keeping women supported and thriving in their chosen careers and my focus is to enable talented professional women flourish and develop their full potential in the workplace. My belief is that women who have worked so hard to carve out meaningful careers should continue to receive the support they need to stay there and progress to the level they are capable of.